An idea

During an evening among friends, we were enjoying searching for an expression to describe a restaurant which combined conviviality, a casual attitude and the idea of sharing, each inspired by gastronomy. What we came up was “The Art of Tapas”, which is the tasting menu of the 21st century and an excellent middle ground between an appetizer and a main meal. It is an interesting formula that allows us to enjoy a tantalizingly large variety of small dishes, thereby satisfying our gluttony and culinary curiosity. Our pleasures should always be varied, and that is what tapas are there for, and that is why when we ask for “one of…” it will inevitably be followed by “another one of…”. Regardless of whether we opt for counter-service or the comfort of a table, it is an accessible gastronomic formula, which allows us to freely increase the number of dishes, without the constraint of a full fixed menu. Every appetite, taste and budget is respected.

Founder – General Director of ARTESPAÑOL



The art of spanish gastronomi

ARTESPAÑOL Paella and Tapas is a restaurant and bar that proposes an atmosphere and cuisine inspired by Spanish art.

This newly-conceived concept “Paelleria or Arroceria” (a restaurant specialised in the elaboration of paellas), proposes a menu including more than 10 paellas and fideuas following traditional recipes.

Thanks to an open kitchen with fresh products that permits the practise of “show cooking Spanish-style” and the promotion of transparency as regards the foods used. “El paellero” (chef that prepares the paellas and fideua) is in view of the customers. This allows for proximity to and interaction with customers, which allows them to be immersed and which reassures them what they are eating.

The paella is the most widely-known and liked Spanish dish in the whole world and it is the perfect offering to enjoy as a family or amongst friends. ARTESPAÑOL Paella and Tapas also offers a large choice of tapas from the four corners of the Iberian Peninsula, with more than 50 typically Spanish tapas. ARTESPAÑOL Paella and Tapas offers diverse possibilities, and offers both bar service and table service.

One can also enjoy a nice meal outside regular lunch and dinner hours. For lovers of wine, ARTESPAÑOL Paella and Tapas also proposes a menu of wines from each region of Spain. The single requirement is a quality kitchen that is fast and accessible. At a counter, in the restaurant or on a terrace, ARTESPAÑOL Paella and Tapas offers a non-stop service from 9:30 to 00:00.



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