How we do it?


Our internal marketing and communications department will accompany you in the implementation of your local communication.

To organise events and to generate daily footfall to your Artespañol restaurant and bar:

  • Creation of your own personalized pages on our website.
  • Preparation of a press kit to make the most of your local relations.
  • Supply of various models and communication support.
  • Place-mats, menus, promotional supports, etc.
  • Tapas menus, other menus, desserts and drinks translated in several foreign languages.
  • Advertising flyers, Business cards, Posters 4x3m, Posters (Bus Stops).

ARTESPAÑOL restaurant and bar provides franchisees with visible communication support with the aim of helping them in their development.

Our pilot restaurant is based in Barcelona and our ARTESPAÑOL restaurant and bar has permanent events thanks to the organization of its themed evenings. These marketing tools accompanied by relevant communication result in attracting a greater number of customers.




The creation of a website has become a necessity for any company. ARTESPANOL.com makes it possible to get in touch with additional customers, namely internet users, and the company benefits from a more modern brand image. It is also possible to permanently showcase offers on the website.


Due to the on-line publication of our documentation, we also provide visitors with a precise and informative source. The possibility to make searches for contents of the website allows the Internet user to find at once the information that they are looking for. Thanks to the presentation of the website and its informative aspect, the website promotes and reinforces the image of the restaurant in the eyes of the customers. The Artespañol website also has a strategic objective.

This method of inter-company communication using network resources creates added-value and additional services to franchisees. The Extranet aspect of the website is a way of facilitating and of improving the relations between all actors situated outside of the organization, which is achieved by in theory the opening up the borders of the company. Artespañol has developed its own tool for piloting the commercial function in the form of an on-line Extranet. The Extranet also allows franchisees to have real-time access to all up-to-date information – franchisees are informed by an e-mail alert of the most recent online documents. Its many advantages are numerous: speed, reliability and flexibility.


ARTESPAÑOL successfully meets the needs of customers with a selection of paellas and tapas, being part of a meal that is competitively priced and which can be consumed quickly. Its willingness to create a franchise is in line with the steady increase of themed restaurant chains for the past five years, a trend which is set to continue at a rate of about 10% a year. Qualitative data has in fact confirmed the continuous development of the out-of-home dining, something which is thought will survive despite the evolution of lifestyles (leisure activity companies, urbanization of the population) and of work (working further away from home, more and more women working outside the home). Qualitative data has also confirmed the need to reassure the consumer, something which is even more important in times of crisis. The consumer needs to be reassured of the quality of products (they need to know in advance what they will eat and at what price), or thanks to framework studies or elaborated marketing tools (an attractive menu, gift items, etc.).