ARTESPAÑOL Investment refers to the nature and amount of the outlay and the specific investment which you would need to put into our brand Artespañol prior to operating. Artespañol can fit into either an empty premises or by acquisition and transformation of a pre-existing restaurant or brasserie (with a restaurant license). It must be a restaurant-/bar-type with seating for between 75 and 120 people (not including the terraced seating), i.e. greater than 200m2. The base is dependent on the premises and the shell of the building but it does not take into account the right to lease or the possible acquisition of the business.

Royalty 6%.

Franchise Fee: €30,000 net.

• Works: €1,200 – €1,500 net/m2.

• Initial Stock: €10,000 net.

 Working capital.

 The total investment is dependent on the size of the premises, the number of seats, the condition of the premises and structural work but not on the right to lease or the acquisition of the building.


Advantage of being franchisee


A know-how developed by a professional of the hotel business and advertising.


A declinable concept in different forms and modular.


A reasonable investment for a healthy profit.


A real win-win partnership.

A complete package that allows you to start under the best conditions.


Effective advertising using numerous marketing tools.


A growth sector unaffected by the crisis.


Membership of a really dynamic and organized structure.

Regular work knowing little or nothing of the phenomenon of seasonality.


Profile of the franchisee


In concept, the franchise is aimed at people who have a strong business sense, who adopt the operating rules of the franchisor and who don´t display a heightened desire to be independent, who have the “network-spirit” and who have sufficient funds of their own. Experience leading a business or a good awareness of one´s business awareness is obviously an important skill. More precisely, the franchisee profile that we prefer is an executive in professional retraining. According to a recent survey by Ipsos in May, retraining is enticing. This study conducted by AFPA (a French organisation of professional development) shows that nearly a third of the population (32%) would be willing to change their career or sector in the next year but that if they were not certain to still be in their current position in the coming months, and if they had the financial means, more than three quarters (83%) would consider retraining. In general, the creation of a company can represent an excellent opportunity to rebound in your professional life. A franchise, something secure for a future entrepreneur, combines several advantages: The concept is already in place and tested, the commercial name of the product or service is generally already known to potential customers. The franchisor will accompany the first steps of the franchisee and allow him to avoid committing a certain number of errors.


Orchestra Director

“The boss has to have the score in his head and not his head in the score”.

Knowledge of your geographical sector and an important network are real assets when it comes to an easier opening of your business. You will be required to apply working methodologies, which have been elaborated from our experience and our know-how, and which have been acquired in our pilot ARTESPAÑOL restaurant in Barcelona and shaped with the support of franchising professionals and commercial networks.


Ability to listen



Organization and Coordination

NB: El documento de información precontractual le será remitido con ocasión de una entrevista personalizada.


Information concerning the Franchisor.

Presentation of the company.

Work experience of the leader.

Banking address.

Information concerning the brand.

Evolutions and history of the company of the Franchisor.

Annual accounts of the last 2 exercises of the Franchisee Pilot.

Presentation of the market.

General state of the market.

Local state of the market and the realization of your personal study.

Perspectives of development of the market.

Spending and investment.

Nature and amounts of the required outlay and specific investment in the brand prior to opening a franchise.

Presentation copy and appendices of the Franchise contract.