Initially, to start franchising out our tapas bar restaurants we give priority to a number of mid-sized towns with more than 100,000 inhabitants. Restaurant & bar (mínimum surface 200m2).

Why this preference?

For the simple reason that in a smaller town it is easier to carry out marketing, to create events and to make the restaurant the place not to be missed. Priority is also given to finding the No. 1 commercial premises.

ARTESPAÑOL can be also implanted in an already-existing bar or restaurant if the necessary work is carried out and the necessary layout put in place which meets our particular specifications. Please note, however, that we are also happy to study any business plan for setting up in city centers, business districts and shopping malls.



Decoration & layout

Our team takes charge of the organization and execution of your restaurant, all the time respecting our requirements specifications, combining a Spanish décor and appetizing menu.




You will take an active part in the running of your Artespañol restaurant and bar, in particular, by assuring sales, order-taking and cash dealings.
As part of your initial training, it will be explained to you how to best lead you team. Our memorandum will be permanently at your disposal, will also prove very useful.


Our methods, know-how, initial training, memorandum and management software will allow you to best manage your ARTESPAÑOL restaurant and bar. Our team will be permanently at your disposal with P&L analysis, to help with the analysis of ratios and to offer other financial advice.