Adequacy Concept/Demand

ARTESPAÑOL successfully meets the needs of customers with a selection of paellas and tapas, being part of a meal that is competitively priced and which can be consumed quickly. Its willingness to create a franchise is in line with the steady increase of themed restaurant chains for the past five years, a trend which is set to continue at a rate of about 10% a year. Qualitative data has in fact confirmed the continuous development of the out-of-home dining, something which is thought will survive despite the evolution of lifestyles (leisure activity companies, urbanization of the population) and of work (working further away from home, more and more women working outside the home). Qualitative data has also confirmed the need to reassure the consumer, something which is even more important in times of crisis. The consumer needs to be reassured of the quality of products (they need to know in advance what they will eat and at what price), or thanks to framework studies or elaborated marketing tools (an attractive menu, gift items, etc.).




The manufacturing process is based on one mastered from start to finish by ARTESPAÑOL.

All products will be stored at a central Artespañol location and redistributed by carrier.

The objective of the buying group is to manage the purchases from affiliate retailers and wholesalers, the aim being to group together the orders of all members of the group. The structure offers at once the best buying conditions thanks to economies of scale and promotional services for the whole group. The buying group also carries out studies on products, looks for suppliers, negotiates purchases and in certain cases looks after distribution activities, organizational activities and documentation.

ARTESPAÑOL markets a concept which gives the right to the franchisee to use the brand for a payment.

– The entrance fee amounts to 30.000 euros.

– The royalty amounts to 5% of the turnover.

– Contract duration 10 years.

Thanks to this partnership, the franchisee will have at their disposition a range of products, services and/or technologies, which have been finalized, approved and acquired.

New products and ideas will permanently be studied by our Research and Development service. Before any application to the network, these new products and services will be tested and validated by one or several volonteer ARTESPAÑOL restaurant and bars and the pilot restaurants and bars.